Onewords related to study

Onewords related to study

1) Study of Heavenlybodies  is called?
➡ Astronomy

2) Study of bacteria and the diseases caused by them is called?
➡ Bacteriology

3) The science dealing with the origin and development of mankind is called?
➡️ Anthropology

4) Study of cells is called?
➡ Cytology

5) The science dealing with the functions and the diseases of heart is called?
➡ Cardiology

6) Study of skin is called?
➡ Dermatology

7) Study of Blood Vascular System is called?
➡ Angiology

8) Study of Fungi and fungus diseases is called
➡ Mycology

9) Study of Tumours is called?
➡ Oncology

10) Study of Liver and its diseases is called?
➡ Hepatology

11) Study of Secret writing is called?
➡ Cryptography

12) Study of the Nervous system, its functions and its disorders is called?
➡ Neurology

13)Branch of Biology dealing with the phenomena of Heredity is called?
➡ Genetics

14) Study of causes of Diseases is called?
➡ Etiology

15) Study of Ears and their diseases is called?
➡ Otology

16) Study of Condition and Structure of Earth is called?
➡ Geology

17) Study of Kidneys and its function is called?
➡ Nephrology

18) Study of Coins and Medals is called?
➡ Numismatics

19) Study of Birds is called?
➡ Ornithology

20) Study of Fossils is called?
➡ Palaeontology

21) Study of Bones is called?
➡ Osteology

22) Study of Soils is called?
➡ Pedology

23)Branch of science dealing with Urinary system is called?
➡ Urology

24) Study of Viruses is called?
➡ Virology

25) Study of resistance of body against infection (immunity) is called?
➡ Immunology

26) Study of Muscles is called?
➡ Myology

27) Study of development of Embryos is called?
➡ Embryology

28) Study of Insects is called?
➡ Entomology

29) Study of Female Reproductive System is called?
➡ Gynaecology

30) Study of production of Three Dimensional Image using Laser is called?
➡ Holography

31) Study of Snakes is called?
➡ Serpentology

32) Study of Earthquakes is called?
➡ Seismology

33)Production of Raw Silk by rearing of Silk Worms is called?
➡ Sericulture

34) Study of Algae is called?
➡ Phycology

35) Study of Fossils is called?
➡ Palaeontolog

36) Study of diseases, symptoms, cause and remedy is called?
➡ Pathology

37) Study of Serum is called?
➡ Serology

38)The Breeding, Rearing, and Transplantation of Fish is called?
➡ Pisciculture

39) Study of Eyes and its diseases is called?
➡ Opthamology

40) Study of Dreams is called?
➡ Oneirology

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