One words related to cide

Cide – murder
1. Algicide: A substance for killing algae
2. Biocide: The destruction of life
3. Deicide: Killing of a god
4. Feticide: Destruction of a fetus
5. Filaricide: A substance for killing filariae
6. Filicide: Killing of one’s child
7. Fratricide: Killing of one’s brother
8. Fungicide: A substance for destroying fungus
9. Germicide: A substance for destroying germs
10. Homicide: Killing of a human
11. Infanticide: Killing of an infant
12. Insecticide: A substance for killing insects
13. Mariticide: Killing of one’s spouse
14. Matricide: Killing of one’s mother
15. Nepoticide: Killing of one’s nephew
16. Patricide: Killing of one’s father
17. RegiCIDE: Killing of a monarch
18. Sororicide: Killing of one’s sister
19. Suicide: Killing of self
20. Tyrannicide: Killing of a tyrant

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